Trenbolone -

Intro Into Trenbolone

While there are many anabolic androgenic steroids there is none quite like Trenbolone. Other than testosterone there is no anabolic steroid as truly versatile and in-terms of direct power and action you will find no other steroid that packs such an effective punch. In many ways the Trenbolone hormone carries with it everything a performance enhancer could ever ask for; it is perfect for adding mass, perfect for increasing strength and there is no steroid that can match it in-terms of what it can do for physical conditioning in a visual sense. Of course it is not without its faults and as a powerful hormone it carries some potential negative effects. While side-effects do exist, for the healthy adult male who supplements in a responsible fashion these negative aspects can largely be controlled and you will find no steroid to surpass the raw power of Trenbolone.

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Originally developed to beef up livestock the Trenbolone hormone was first found in its Finaplix (Fina) pellet form; a simple subcutaneous veterinary implant pellet made up of theTrenbolonehormone. While these little pellets proved to be invaluable to livestock what was good for them soon was found to be good for men looking to achieve the same result. Of course it wouldn’t take long for an injectable form to be developed but to this day many performance enhancers still buy the old Finaplix pellets and convert it into an injectable solution for personal use. Since its inceptionTrenbolonehas remained a favorite of performance enhancers in many circles and to this day there has been no steroid to surpass it. While testosterone is very powerful in its own right and far more tolerable in a general sense, side-effects aside if there ever was a perfect steroid it is and has always beenTrenbolone.

Direct Functions & Traits of Trenbolone

The Trenbolone hormone belongs to the 19-nor class of anabolic steroids that provides an anabolic and androgenic rating of immense power. As you may already understand the anabolic and androgenic rating of all steroids is matched up against testosterone, which carries an anabolic rating of 100 and an androgenic rating of 100 as well. It is by the testosterone hormone in-which all other steroids are measured and in the case of Trenbolone we have a steroidal hormone that is 500 times more anabolic as well as 500 times more androgenic. As testosterone in of itself is so powerful this alone should give you a very good idea as to how powerful Trenbolone truly is.

While these numbers are fine they still don’t do the description justice. The most obvious question is how does it work and what does it do? The Trenbolone hormone carries with it many qualities that greatly promote both anabolic and androgenic activity. You will find many of these traits to be very similar to many other anabolic steroids; however, in the case of Trenbolone they are simply more pronounced with even a few additional benefits found lacking in other steroidal hormones. By its nature and direct mode of action the Trenbolone hormone provides the following:

  • Trenbolone greatly and dramatically increases the body’s natural production of the potent anabolic hormone IGF-1. A very important peptide hormone that affects nearly every single cell within the body.
  • Trenbolone tremendously binds to the androgen receptors thereby promoting both growth and directly promoting fat-loss. The Trenbolone hormone is one of the very few anabolic androgenic steroids that can affect fat-loss in such a direct and positive fashion.
  • By its nature the Trenbolone hormone greatly increases nutrient efficiency or what is often referred to as “Feed Efficiency.” Put simply this means each and every nutrient you consume becomes more valuable. With each nutrient you eat you receive a greater benefit from its presence; the qualities and traits provided by the nutrient simply become enhanced.
  • Like most all anabolic androgenic steroids the Trenbolone hormone greatly promotes nitrogen retention in the muscles, increases red blood cell count and dramatically reduces and blocks glucocorticoid steroids; the muscle destroying and fat promoting hormones. While many steroids provide these identical traits, again, Trenbolone simply does it in a far more pronounced manner.
  • As is with nearly all anabolic androgenic steroids the Trenbolone hormone can greatly promote cell repair and regeneration, thereby speeding up the healing process in the body. As you understand it is the healing process that promotes progress; it is when we heal that we grow or become stronger. While most all anabolic androgenic steroids carry this trait the Trenbolone hormone simply does it better than the rest.

The Downside of Trenbolone

Like all anabolic steroids Trenbolone carries possible negative side-effects and unfortunately while this is one powerful and useful hormone it will not be for every man who desires to enhance performance. While these side-effects are possible it is important to note they are by no means guaranteed and the probability of occurrence can greatly vary from man to man. Individual response and sensitivity will play a massive role and is perhaps the most important factor but there is one factor that cannot be ignored. Total dosing will play a very large role; the more Trenbolone you use the greater the reward will be; however, the more Trenbolone you use the greater the probability of adverse reactions. It is a tradeoff and it is one that is very real but for those who supplement responsibly, do not become greedy they will in most cases be able to supplement without any problem.

So let’s get right to it; what are the possible side-effects due to use? The side-effects of Trenbolone can vary greatly and affect many areas and while most are not guaranteed the level of probability also varies with each and every one; however, there is one effect that is assured. The side-effects include:

  • Gynecomastia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hair-Loss
  • Acne
  • Insomnia
  • Night Sweats
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Anxiety
  • Testosterone Atrophy

Unlike many anabolic androgenic steroids the Trenbolone hormone does not aromatize and as you understand it is the aromatase effect that is largely responsible for Gynecomastia and even to an extent high blood pressure. For this reason many assume these side-effects to be of no concern here and that simply isn’t true. The Trenbolone hormone carries a progestin nature and while this nature will only affect men who are very sensitive to Gynecomastia it can be a concern. For these men simply supplementing with an aromatase inhibitor will in most all cases be all the protection they need. As for blood pressure, those who already suffer from blood pressure issues must absolutely not touch this steroidal hormone. Those who carry a healthy blood pressure will still need to keep an eye on it, for if you are predisposed to a condition you may run into problems. For the majority simply living a healthy lifestyle that promotes a healthy blood pressure will be all the protection you need.

As for hair-loss this side-effect is very genetically based. If you lose the first hair off your head you were going to lose it any way; the Trenbolone simply sped the process up. Men who are not predisposed to hair-loss will not have a problem. In many ways the same can be said of acne; those who are prone and sensitive may find this hormone to cause them to breakout but you’ll find keeping your skin very clean and always purchasing high quality uncontaminated products to be your absolute best bet.

As an anabolic androgenic steroid the Trenbolone hormone suppresses natural testosterone production and it does so to a very large degree. As testosterone is manufactured in the testicles and production will be suppressed through Trenbolone use the testicles will atrophy; no, they will not shrivel up and disappear but they will lose some of their fullness and this is guaranteed. Once use of anabolic steroids is discontinued the body will begin making its own testosterone again and the testicles will return to their normal size. Due to the fact that the Trenbolone hormone so greatly suppresses natural testosterone it is very important that you take measure during your period of use. Testosterone is an essential hormone to the body and you are strongly advised to supplement with some form of exogenous testosterone when Trenbolone is being used in order to provide the body what it needs. Failure to do so can result in a host of unwanted and undesirable symptoms that can affect you both mentally and physically.

As for the rest of the side-effects, insomnia, night sweats, rapid heart rate and anxiety, these are the most commonTrenbolone side-effects and they can be very severe. While total dosing will play somewhat of a factor it will be individual sensitivity that plays the largest role. There is no way to predict if you will incur these effects to a level that is intolerable; in-fact, there is no way to predict if you will incur them at all. It is highly advisable that you begin with a low dose of the hormone if you have never supplemented before to determine how your body reacts and if you respond in a positive fashion and up the dose yet incur a problem simply lower the dose back to your original comfortable state. Further, as you will find the Trenbolone hormone can come in many forms and while the Acetate version is the most powerful and controllable it is also the best in-terms side-effects. As a small ester form, should side-effects occur that are beyond comfort you will be able to discontinue use and have them dissipate very shortly. However, if you choose a larger ester form you will have to wait quite a while to see the side-effects dissipate and that is no fun for anyone.

The Bottom Line

The truth is simple; there is no steroid like Trenbolone and while it may carry some potential adverse effects many men will supplement with no problem at all. You will find no steroid to pack such a punch on its own; in-fact, there are very few combinations and stacks that can be as potent as the Trenbolone hormone is on its own. For bulking and cutting this steroid has no equal and when combined with testosterone as it should be, if for no other reason than your health it is a hormone that cannot be beat safely making Trenbolonethe greatest anabolic androgenic steroid of all time.